Noah Fidlin
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While I enjoy using DSLR cameras for my personal photography, I've recently come to love using Polaroid cameras a little bit more. I strongly believe that restrictions can help to strengthen an artist. By having a limited amount of film, only a couple of controls and only allowed to take pictures within a square ratio, Polaroids may sound like a nightmare to some. However, I believe that these restrictions can help photographers to take works of art that are both personal and beautiful.

There is also a certain vulnerability with Polaroid film. The grain, color tone, chemical marks, light leaks and blur may come off as undesirable to some. You most likely will not get the image that imagined in your mind when shooting with this kind of film. These "mistakes", though, come across as really honest to me. While I love antiques, I continue to use an old Polaroid camera not because it's "vintage" or "retro", but because it produces a look that is very raw, unique and stunning.

When it comes to the camera models that I use, I originally used my Onestep SX-70. While I am happy with the colors it produces with Impossible film, I found that the lighten/darken control was a little too finicky. As of now, I mostly use my Autofocus 660 model with Impossible Project film, which gives tends to work better with light.